San Antonio

On Curacao, the worshipers of San Antonio who are not necessarily church-goers, tend to punish the image of San Antonio if he does not grant their wishes. The image is turned facing the wall, others take away the child, which is why they prefer an image with a removable child. People also tend to blindfold 'Toni' and the child, or to put them in the blazing sun, which is a true tropical punishment. Sometimes people go to such extremes as to decapitate him, drown him or whip him with a rope. Sanantoni is scolded at. His image is decorated with fruits, bread and bottles of rum. He always gets asked 3 essential things, eternal happiness, a man (husband) and money. He is railed against because he does not usually grant all the wishes. He is referred to as a greedy saint. This saint is particularly liked by women. He is a saint that likes fun, who is full of life; he helps you through sadness and likes to enjoy life. Women ask him to save their souls, for health or defense against their enemies.