Nepomuceno's Father Brenneker

Father Brenneker's oeuvre also forms a basis for professionals who can continue developing the work. He recorded them and published them for a large public. Together with his friend Elis Juliana, he dug into every corner of our island and produced the truth which he always shared with us. As a connoisseur of the folklore, customs and religious convictions of our people, he published books and illustrated folders with pictures that he himself took. The artist Nepomuceno had a long and intense friendship with Father Brenneker. He could share his philosophical views for hours with Father Brenneker, and his soul would be satisfied. Brenneker offered him friendship, but he also showed appreciation and respect for his art. In return, 'Nepo' portrayed Father Brenneker in many of his works of art. Among his favorites were discarted containers from Shell motor oil and a Dutch margarine.