Bronze Cannon

The cannon was found together with thirteen others. With a length of 269 centimeters and a bore diameter of 9.7 centimeters, the cannon of ‘Kleine Werf’ is the largest cannon made by Pieter Seest. On the cannon is written: ‘Me Fecit Pieter Seest Amstelodami Ao 1776’. This is the ‘signature’ of the Amsterdam gun and bell founder Pieter Seest. For centuries, it was a tradition in the bronze founders’ guild to state the name, place and year in Latin on the pieces. Pieter placed the latter on all his larger or special cannons and church bells. It means: Pieter Seest made me in Amsterdam in the year 1776. On smaller products, ‘Me Fecit’ and ‘Amstelodami’ were omitted. The two ‘brackets’ on the barrel have the shape of stylized dolphins and they are also called ‘dolphins’.